“Camp Aurora really helped me develop my life of faith and the connections I made throughout my life”
“Camp Aurora helped me refocus my priorities of creating my own successful Blessed Family”
“It refreshed and prepared me to go out into the world again; rejuvenated and inspired”
“I learned so many valuable lessons and also gained some of my closest bonds with people”
“Aurora was always genuine and heartfelt. Created and developed by a set of loving parents with nothing at heart but the well-being of the kids involved”
“It is, personal, relevant, profound, and somehow casual at the same time”
“It was at Camp Aurora where I learned the DP, experienced God’s loving yet suffering heart, and developed life long friends of faith”

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Camp is back!

We are 26 years strong!

Lake Winnipesaukee is waiting, the sun will be shining, and several Second Generations are stepping up to lead camp! Following Camp Aurora’s 26 year tradition, there will be Youth, Middle School, and High School camps offered. It will undoubtedly be a fun, inspiring, and an unforgettable experience for all.
The camp staff believe strongly in the power of a Camp Aurora summer experience. We aim to transform young Unificationist’s lives and their perspective on the Unification movement. We hope that children will urge their parents to let them attend, and parents will urge your children to attend.