“I loved Camp Aurora so much. Camp Aurora really helped me develop my life of faith and the connections I made with my older sisters helped me a lot later in life. It was always tons of fun and something I looked forward to each year. – T.O.

“Camp Aurora gave me the opportunity to create lifelong friendships and a support system that I still use today. I not only learned about God and our faith through the educational component of Camp but I also experienced God through the activities, being in nature, and spending time with my friends. Since I didn’t live near many BCs, Camp Aurora was always a reminder to myself of the beautiful and inspiring culture that our church has to offer. I love Camp Aurora!”

“I always look forward to spending an unforgettable portion of my summer with brothers and sisters all across and beyond the New England area. At Camp Aurora, there are so many opportunities to create many fond summer experiences and to connect with others in heart. The memories that I personally created at Camp Aurora, allowed me to cherish those moments as a special summer treasure.”  – Y.J.K.

“Camp Aurora was always a place where I felt welcomed. It offered such a warm community that always did it’s best to make everyone feel they were a part of a bigger family.” – B.T.

“Camp Aurora has proved time and again to be a spiritual life changer. It was at Camp Aurora where I learned the DP, experienced God’s loving yet suffering heart, and developed life long friends of faith. By investing both as a camper and as a staff member I was fortunate to receive guidance, support, and tools to change the direction of my life. Camp Aurora helped me refocus my priorities of creating my own successful Blessed Family.” – A.E.

“For the years that I attended Camp Aurora, it has proven to be a life-changing and unforgettable experience for me. The camp provides an environment where kids are able to grow spiritually, build long-lasting friendships, and have tons of fun all at the same time. With several activities, gatherings, and just the right amount of lectures, Camp Aurora is without a doubt an amazing experience. My favorite part of this camp is the songfests. I’ve never experienced such enthusiasm and energy in one place. I can’t wait to go back to Camp Aurora!” – J.D.

“Camp Aurora was always the highlight of my summer. It felt more like a continuously growing family reunion than just a summer camp. There was laughter, excitement, running, screaming, crying, yelling, pleading, caring, and healing; you could say the entire emotional spectrum. It always seemed to be a tangible paradise, one that mattered for more than just one week in the summer. My family roots settled there, each a moment in a memory still fresh today. My life would not have been the same without Camp Aurora.” – I.Q.

“Camp Aurora has given me some of my favorite memories of my childhood. I remember waiting for the summer to roll around, when I’d make my way up from Florida to New Hampshire to attend the week long camp that always uplifted me, inspired me, and gave me some of my closest friends to this day. As I continue on my second year of GPA this year, I think back on my foundation and I can honestly say Camp Aurora was my foundation for the faith i have today. All I remember are happy fun filled experiences in which i found God through people, nature, and the adventures I had. I’ve been to quite a few workshops in my lifetime now, but the lectures I remember as a child, came from Camp Aurora. I learned so many valuable lessons and also gained some of my closest bonds with people. I loved that camp and it was a part of me that I held near and dear to my heart, and always will.” – L.O.

Reflecting on my upbringing, I can find few things quite as formative as my experiences at Aurora. The same was true for my sister, and countless other Aurorians who have now gone on to college, careers, marriages, etc. Aurora was always genuine and heartfelt. Created and developed by a set of loving parents with nothing at heart but the well-being of the kids involved. It was a fun camp that had an incredibly serious approach to faith and spirituality, without ever feeling too serious. It is, personal, relevant, profound, and somehow casual at the same time. GO TO CAMP THIS YEAR!” – J.C.

“Camp Aurora was always the highlight of my summer. I loved coming together with so many amazing people to spend time with each other, strengthen our faith, and most definitely have fun! Through Camp Aurora, I have been able make new friends and create memories that will last a lifetime. I hope we can bring back Camp Aurora and make it even better than it was before!”-  M.D.

“Camp Aurora was an awesome break from reality – where you can be with other people that can relate to you on a deeper level.” – R.M.

“Camp Aurora not only brought many of my summer growing up it also gave me a chance to realize my own value as a person. It refreshed and prepared me to go out into the world again; rejuvenated and inspired :)” – A.H.