It’s Time to Share the Love!

Maybe you are a former camper, a parent or just someone who cares about kids having a great experience! Whoever you are, we could use a little help to make sure that every child who wants to attend Camp Aurora has the chance to do so.

Summer camp is different from every other kind of religious experience kids are exposed to – don’t get me wrong, they all play an important role. But summer camp offers a few special things for youth like:

  • being with peers long enough to form new friendships;
  • having older brothers and sisters they look up to, so they can see their way through whatever it is they’re struggling with;
  • having fun;
  • enjoying our church community without feeling weird; and
  • learning from older 2nd gen what the Principle really says and why it makes sense.

Please consider a donation of any size to help a camper whose family doesn’t have a lot of money, so they can make it to Camp Aurora this summer. Camp costs a fair amount but it’s one of those situations where you get what you pay for, which is an AWESOME experience and a sense of belonging. Relationships matter. We are hoping you can help.

Thank you,

Tamami Okano, Virginia Orman and the Camp Aurora team.

Scholarship Fund

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Full Scholarship$455

Partial Scholarship$100

DonateAny Amount

Please feel free to donate by mail:

Please Mail Checks to Kazuko Tassey (Made out to “HSA-UWC”)
226 Karatzas Ave #309, Manchester, NH 03104
Thank you for your generosity!