Dear Families,

As summer approaches it is time to think about Camp Aurora! I am writing to encourage
each family to think how they might support their children to attend camp this year. I am
aware of the financial burdens families are facing but I want to ask a few minutes of your
time to consider the difference I have seen Camp Aurora make in the lives of our
children over the past 25 years. This year, Camp Aurora is 25 years strong!

I know only too well that childhood is a precious time that quickly vanishes leaving so
many “what ifs?” in the heart of every parent. Childhood is the best time to expose our
children to our faith community because they naturally absorb and embrace
experiences. While this is done everyday in the home and weekly at Sunday School,
summer camps afford a unique opportunity to impact children.

Summer camp is a time when:

  • Our trained young adult staff will spend quality time with your child and build a
    meaningful relationship with him or her. Having grown up in our church they
    understand first-hand what campers are going through and can naturally help
    them with the challenges they are facing growing up in the secular world.
  • Campers have time to bond with a role model and see what it means to be an
    adult second gen of faith.
  • Campers have time to make new friendships as they eat and sleep together
    24/7, bridging the gulf of loneliness they sometimes face.
  • Campers experience freedom as they let down their guard and are refreshed
    through experiencing a Blessed environment (as opposed to school.) They need
    to see that the ideal we talk so much about is real. They need to taste it!

That time is now for children who have graduated grades 3 though 12. Please consider
finding a way for your child to experience Camp Aurora this summer. The Early Bird
Special closes May 1 st . Please visit to sign up and get all the
details (you do not have to pay in full when you register early.) Contact your local pastor
if you need a scholarship. Also, think of creative ways your children can make money.
Camp does cost a fair amount, but we believe every penny is worth the experience your
child will have.

Camp Staff is looking forward to taking care of your child this summer.

Heather Thalheimer and Co-Directors, Tamami Okano and Virginia Orman, and Staff