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Please note, High School and Middle School Camp staff positions require your volunteer effort from June 23rd through July 1st. Middle School and Youth Camp require your effort from June 25th through July 1st. You are needed for the entire time!

All positions are volunteer positions, however 100% of your meal and lodging expenses will be covered by the camp.


Camp Director: There are two Camp Directors (CDs) per camp. They are in charge of guiding and supporting the counselors of their respective camps. CDs are responsible for overseeing and implementing all camp activities. Directors must create camp spirit and are the overall spiritual leaders. CDs must be comfortable with public speaking, must have an enthusiastic attitude, and should be comfortable with being the “face” of camp. Though the Camp Director position is critical to the success of camp, these individuals will receive support and guidance from Camp Advisors (typically First Generation) and Camp Coordinator(s). Ideally, these individuals would help the planning committee and Camp Coordinator(s) plan activities and presentations throughout the year prior to camp.

Group Leader: Group leaders are directly responsible for a group of 5-8 campers. They should expect to live, sleep, eat, lead discussions, play, and swim with them throughout camp. Group leaders are responsible for the spiritual and physical well-being of campers. They should expect to be at camp, first and foremost, to ensure that each child has an uplifting, fun, and meaningful experience.

Camp mother: The Camp Mother acts as a caring overseer at camp. She is expected to be at all major camp programs to provide a warm and caring spirit for the youth. Camp Mother duties may include: caring for homesick children, watching a group of campers, laundry (only on rare occasions), staff moral support, preparing snacks, etc.

Activity Coordinator: Prior to camp, the Activity Coordinator plans daily activities (both fun and meaningful) for camp. During the week of camp, the Activity Coordinator will work with the Camp Directors, Coordinator(s) and Group Leaders to implement the activities and ensure their success. The Activity Coordinator is also in charge of preparing (or delegating the preparation) of all materials/props necessary for their planned activities. This role requires creativity, organization, out-of-the-box thinking, and an understanding of the spiritual value of activities. Due to the time commitment of this position, the Activity Coordinator should not expect to be a Group Leader or Camp Director.

Musician or Song Leader: Music plays a large part of camp. There are daily Song Fests, during which everyone comes together to sing playful, meaningful, and rambunctious music. The Music Team needs outgoing and spirited song leaders, as well as dedicated and talented musicians. Musicians may be full-time or may also take on other positions. This role will require rehearsal during free times. If interested in helping with the Music Team, you must commit to playing/singing at every Song Fest.

Crafts Coordinator: Crafts leaders are in charge of the Arts and Crafts table during Sports and Activity Time. Prior to camp, they will choose a few crafts that they would like to guide with campers. They are in charge of preparing (or delegating the preparation) of all materials necessary for their planned activities. During camp, they organize the daily craft activity, help campers with it, and ensure that campers are engaged and welcome at the Crafts Table.

Presenter: Presenters provide one or more age-appropriate Divine Principle presentations. These presentations are expected to be relatable, organized, and well-planned. Group activities and discussions are welcome as well. Camp Advisors and Coordinators will work with presenters to provide guidance and support in the planning process and to ensure that the presentation fits in with other presenters and the camp theme.

Morning Service Presenter: Morning Service presenters prepare one or more 10-20 minute camp-wide presentations to be given at the outdoor chapel. These presentations can be simple and must be appropriate for all ages. Camp Advisors and Coordinators will provide guidance and support in the planning process. Individuals in this role can also take on any other position.

Drama Coordinator: The Drama Coordinator organizes Skit Night for the Youth and Middle School Camps. With Camp Advisor and Coordinator support, the Drama Coordinator assigns Bible stories to each group, assigns an emcee, and coordinates the overall success of the program. The Drama Coordinator will work closely with the Youth and Middle School Camp Directors as well as the Camp Coordinator(s). Individuals in this role may take on any other position other than Camp Director.

Babysitter: There are a few staff members who have younger children that cannot attend camp. Babysitters care for one or more children for the week to enable their parent(s) to fully participate in camp. This is a full time position – babysitters should expect to eat, play, nap, etc. with these children throughout camp. Applicants may not take on any other role. [/one_half]